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  • Yes!  We use a process called electro-forming which enables us to make a copper metal shell around the leaf, keeping it inside forever.  The jewellery is then finally finished with a coating of high quality 22 carat gold or with silver.

  • No, they will not break. That’s what is so special about our Natural  Jewellery.    Only Nature can create something that looks so delicate and beautiful.   We use a 12 hour metalizing process to slowly “grow” a strong, durable copper metal shell over the leaf skeleton.  This copper shell makes the leaf skeleton hard, and at the same time keeps the beautiful delicacy that Nature created.   No human-made jewellery casting can replicate the exquisite delicacy of a real leaf skeleton...this natural beauty makes our jewellery very special!

  • We treat the whole leaf with a light chemical until only the veins remain.  Not all leaves can be skeletonised this way,  only selected species can.

  • We use Eucalyptus leaves (there are more than 300 eucalyptus varieties, all indigenous to Australia!),  Banksias, Grevilleas, lily Pilys, the NSW Christmas Bush,  Gum Nuts, and other seasonal varieties.

  • Just like you would care for natural pearls or opals.  Avoid direct contact with perfume,  hair sprays, other chemical sprays, as these chemicals may be harsh and harm the gold or silver coating.  Like any other piece of jewellery you may find in time that some of your natural body oils may get onto your jewellery, especially on earrings.   If this happens, just wet a soft cotton cloth with warm water and gently rub the leaf until the oil is removed.  Dry the leaf with another dry soft cloth.   Keep the leaf stored away in a jewellery box, pouch or tissue paper but avoid storing  in plastic.

  • All our hooks and studs on all our jewellery are nickel-free.  Our hooks are sterling silver with 22 carat gold plate or surgical steel;  and our studs are either sterling silver or surgical steel, depending on the jewellery design.  We care about people who have sensitive ears so we only use earring fittings that are nickel-free, which means our earrings are suitable for most women with sensitive ears.  In general, if you have sensitive ears and don’t know what metals you are allergic to we recommend that you do an allergy test before using any earrings.

  • All the chains that come with our jewellery are free display chains only. They are 9ct gold plated chains, or silver plated chains.  All our jewellery can be used with most other chains you may already own.   Conditions which may affect the metal finish on our free display chains are your skin’s acidity, exposure to perfume, hairspray and other chemicals, as well as hot humid climatic conditions.

  • We use quality opal triplets which are slices of real opal with a protective clear topping and backing.  Opal is Australia’s national gemstone, and 95 % of the world’s precious opal is mined in Australia’s arid desert regions.  Formed by a mixture of silica and water over millions of years, the gem’s unique play of colour makes it the most beautiful of all gemstones.  Opal triplets are a way of making quality opal affordable for all to enjoy.  They are used in Australian souvenir jewellery as they are ideal beautiful gifts for visitors to Australia or for Australians travelling abroad.  Not everyone can be lucky enough to own a beautiful valuable gemstone opal!   But owning and enjoying a little piece of gemstone in the form of a quality opal triplet is within most people’s reach.  All Desert Gems Opals come from the opal mines in Cooper Pedy in South Australia.  Cooper Pedy in the local Aboriginal language means “white man in a hole”!

  • We use lustrous freshwater pearls, which are nature’s lovely water gem creations!  With fresh water pearls, the pearl-bearing mussels naturally grow the lustrous layers of pearl “nacre” around an irritant, like a tiny shell bead, which has been introduced into the mollusc by humans.  The underwater pearl keeps growing until it is gathered from the freshwater lakes, most of which are now grown in China and in Japan.   We choose quality pearls with lustre and shine, and string with durable strong pearl thread, to create our elegant and classic Desert Gems pearl jewellery.

  • No, the opals and pearls will not come off the leaves. To insure that the opals and pearls always stay on the leaves, we use the strongest German, two-part, jewellery epoxy adhesive available in the jewellery industry.  This hand work is carefully done to ensure the right amount of glue is mixed and carefully applied to each individual sized leaf and gem.


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