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Red Gum Eucalyptus Leaf Gold Brooch

There are 600 varieties of Australian Eucalyptus trees! This one is a Red Gum leaf.  It is carefully handcrafted and encased in a hard copper shell after a careful metalising process and finished in high quality 22 Carat Gold

A lug on the back of the brooch means you can also wear it as a pendant with a chain...a very versatile jewellery item!

No two leaves grown by Mother Nature are the same, so the real leaves you get will be your own unique piece of Australia!

It will be similar to the one in this image but not identical. Your destinctive leaf will have its own natural variations in shape, size, and in the way it is skeletenised. 

It comes beautifully gift-wrapped with a story card.

Also available in Silver or as a Brooch & Earring Set