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"We love Australia’s natural beauty and we want to share this magnificence with you."

We do this by creating quality Natural Jewellery with Real Leaves, Opals and Pearls so you can enjoy wearing your very own piece of Earth Australia! 


Sustainability is at the core of our creations so we give back to nature by planting a tree for every Tree Jewel purchased.


 Amelia Carfax - Co-Founder & Designer/Maker 



We are an artisan family based in Sydney, Australia and have been creating our naturally unique jewellery for over 30 years. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings back in the summer of 1987.


Our boys, Patrick and Lachlan, spent much of their childhood in the studio with our cheeky family dogs, Sunshine and Thunder, while my husband and I honed our craft of mixing nature and science together to create beautiful art.


From a young age the boys helped my husband and I collect leaves from fallen tree branches then meticulously stored them in big, old telephone directories.


Being constantly surrounded by the day to day creation of artisan pieces has paid off as the boys have developed all the skills and techniques required for executing the elaborate process in our specialised field.


Patrick was always creating something new.....a sculpture, a painting, writing a poem, or making a beautiful jewellery piece. 
Manly Beach Art & Craft Market, Sydney. Sharing stories of our craft with customers is what I love most about being at markets. 
Outback moments! Somewhere near the Andamooka Opal Fields in South Australia.

My co-founder and husband Patrick was always creating and innovating. He lived his life with all the fervour you might expect from an artist, sculptor and writer who loved the majestic Aussie landscape...from the bush to the sea.


Patrick packed a lot into his 73 year adventure and we are continuing on in the spirit he would expect if he were still with us.


Our journey from inspired idea to becoming an artisan family  started when Patrick and I made the life-changing decision to quit journalism to follow the road less travelled...the ultimate goal was to pursue a life with deeper meaning that embraced our love of nature, creating art and our passion for innovation.


After extensive research and development we perfected the technique to skeletonise leaves, make them electro conductive and then put them through a 12 hour metalizing process which preserves the beautiful leaves forever.


Since those early beginnings our fledgling business has grown deep roots and blossomed into the family company, Bush Art Australia, which has developed an international reputation as a quality producer of handmade, natural jewellery.


Our Creative Process...


We hand pick the leaves and gum nuts from fallen tree branches, from local gardens, the surrounding bush and upcycle the routinely lopped tree branches from telephone and electricity lines. 


Our environmentally sustainable process ensures no harm is done to the trees and bushes. Only mature leaves are used and no limbs or branches are cut or broken. Harvested and carefully selected leaves are dried in old, upcycled telephone directories.


Once dried, the leaves are soaked in our skeletonising solution before we carefully remove the leaf pulp to leave the intricate leaf lace.




Our electroplating partners use electroforming equipment with closed loop recycling processes. We ensure that all metal and manufacturing by-products are captured and re-used.


Metal lugs are clamped on to leaves before electro-dag is hand painted on to make them electro-conductive. We wire leaves for the electroforming processing to metalise the leaf and preserve it forever.



The final step is a family affair...after all the technical work is done we sit down to finesse the enchanting pieces into their final form.


Naturally beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and brooches are all created in-house to our high standards. This is where experience counts as each separate piece is unique and we decide how it's individual attributes lends itself best to the different products in our exclusive range.



"In design...Mother Nature is our best teacher."

- Van Day Truex.