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1. Is there really a leaf inside the jewellery?

Yes there is!  The real leaf is electroformed which means we “grow” a metal shell around the leaf encasing it forever. It takes all of 12 hours to grow enough copper on the leaf to make it durable and strong.  Sometimes we encase the whole leaf, sometimes we encase just the skeleton of the leaf, both look amazing in the end.  No human-made casting can replicate the beauty of nature. That’s why this Natural Jewellery is so unique!  We don’t use nature-inspired human-made cast jewellery.  Our jewellery IS nature…..we give a new Life to a Living Leaf!

2. The jewellery looks so delicate and fragile! Will it break if I touch it?

It looks delicate but it is hard and strong! That’s one of the amazing aspects of the process we use to preserve leaves.  After 12 hours of metalising the leaf is hard and durable but it still looks exquisitely delicate and intricate, just like it was on a tree or on the forest floor. We celebrate the beauty of nature as it is…..and encapsulate it forever in a durable piece of jewellery. 

3. How do you skeletonise leaves?

It’s quite an art to skeletonise leaves! It took us three years to perfect the process.  We use a solution of water, vinegar and washing soda to soak the leaves and then carefully remove the pulp from the veins with a soft small toothbrush.  Not all leaves can be skeletonised, you can only do it on selected species of leaves.

4. What are Opal Triplets?

Opal Triplets are a way of making gemstone-quality opal affordable.  A triplet is a slice of opal covered by a protective clear topping and backing. Opal is Australia’s national gemstone and 95 % of the world Opal is mined in Australia’s arid desert regions.  Formed by a mixture of silica and water over millions of years, the rock’s unique play of colour makes it the most beautiful and pricey of all gemstones!  Most of us cannot afford to purchase a valuable solid opal which is why opal triplets are made. They are popular in Australian souvenir jewellery and make beautiful affordable gifts for visitors to our country.   

 5. How are your Opals and Pearls attached to your leaves? Will they fall off?

No, they will not fall off. The opals and pearls are securely attached to the leaves with a strong two-part German epoxy adhesive made for this type of jewellery application.  We ensure the right amount of glue is mixed and carefully applied to each individual sized leaf and gem.

6. How do you care for the jewellery?

Avoid direct contact with perfume, hair sprays, other chemical sprays, as these sprays may be harsh and harm the gold or silver plating on the leaves. 

Over time body oils may build up on the jewellery.  If this happens just wet a soft cotton cloth with warm water and gently rub the jewellery until the oil is removed. Dry thoroughly with a soft dry towel.  Keep the leaf stored in a cloth pouch, or jewellery box in a dry place away from extreme temperatures. Avoid storing in plastic.

Your jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off in the evening.

Remove jewellery prior to swimming, bathing and doing sports or other physical activity.  Limit contact with make-up, creams, perfume and lotions.  Avoid silver dips, polishing liquids and strong chemicals.

We use high-quality hard gold plating and tarnish-resistant silver on our jewellery to keep it shining for years. However, oxidation and metal-fading may naturally happen over time. This is normal wear and tear, not a manufacturing fault. How long it may take will depend on how well the jewellery is cared for, on atmospheric conditions,  skin acidity,  and jewellery exposure to chemicals.