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Eucalyptus Apple Gum Leaf hanging on a lustrous Pearl Necklace


This unique match of a Real Eucalyptus Apple Gum Leaf hanging from a freshwater Pearl necklace exudes elegance and sophistication and celebrates the fusion of Earth & Water. 

Choose your leaf in Gold or Silver.

Choose your colour Pearl Necklace in White, Pink or Black.

The 6-7 mm pearls are strung on knotted double silk thread with a gold-plated clasp and the necklace is 46 cm in length.

The Apple Gum Eucalyptus leaf is carefully handcrafted and encased in a hard copper shell after a long metalising process and finished in 22 carat Gold or Silver. The leaf is attached to a bail which the Pearl necklace threads through. 

No two leaves grown by Mother Nature are the same, so the real leaf you get will your own unique piece of Australia!

It will be similar to the one in the image but not identical. Your distinctive leaf will have its own natural variations in shape, size and in the way it is skeletonised. 

The necklace is beautifully gift packaged and come with a story card.