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Eucalyptus Apple Gum Leaf hanging on a lustrous Pearl Necklace


Celebrating our stunning Apple Gum real leaf preserved in gold or silver and hanging from a natural pearl necklace. This unique piece of jewellery embodies the powerful connection between earth and water.

Each little local foraged leaf is carefully hand-picked and preserved in either gold or silver, representing the essence of the bush, and the strength and durability of the earth. The natural pearl necklace adds a touch of fluidity, reminding us of the ever-changing nature of water.

Together, these elements create a powerful symbol of harmony between two of nature's most fundamental forces. The earth and water come together to create something truly beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Choose your leaf in Gold or Silver.

Choose your colour Pearl Necklace in White, Pink or Black.


The leaves are encased in a hard copper shell after a careful metalising process and finished in high-quality silver or 22-carat gold.  

The 6-7 mm pearls are strung on knotted double silk thread with a gold-plated or silver clasp and the necklace is 46 cm in length.

The leaf is attached to a bail which the Pearl necklace threads through. 

Unique, durable, sustainably-made, keep-sake jewellery which comes beautifully packaged and ready for gifting.

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Your bush leaf will be uniquely yours, with natural variations in shape, size, and skeletonisation, similar to the image, but not identical.